Bridging Gap Between Data And Businesses

Our customized business dashboards helps you convert complex insights into interactive data. Our data visualization methods significantly minimize time delays in decision making and provide high degree data drill down using filters, sorts, sparklines and more.

Streamline Your Data Flow

How It Helps?

Countants provides you with the interactive dashboards customized as per your business needs using the cloud visualization techniques that accelerates your decision making process.

Track All Your Marketing Metrics

Our cloud visualization services offers full view into marketing data by using an interactive Dashboard.

  • Display you marketing data in comprehensive view
  • Track your marketing performance in one place

Make Smarter Sales Moves

Our sales dashboards display information in a way that can be easily understood to make a sales forecast.

  • Filter data to have a detailed information
  • Make informed sales decisions based on the clean data
Spend Allocation Management Tool

Leverage All The Open Opportunities

Our interactive dashboards provide full visibility into data that you need to make decisions in less time.

  • Dashboards display data in detailed format that you can leverage new insights that can be turned into opportunities.
  • Turn all the data into valuable information that lead you to success.
Digital Marketing Performance Report

What We Offer?

Data visualization solutions convert raw data from Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Heap Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Shopify & others to interactive and rich dashboards.

User Device Information Dashboard
User Behavior Analytics
Traffic Tracking Dashboard
Campaign Monitor Dashboard
Sales Performance Dashboard
Marketing Performance Dashboard
Web Analytics Dashboard
Email Marketing Dashboard
Conversion Rate Dashboard
Conversion Analysis Report
Product Performance Report
Bounce Rate Dashaboard

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