The Cloud has proved to be a boon to every business, offering a host of benefits that were unavailable before the digital revolution. It offers organizations the much-needed flexibility to connect anytime, anywhere. Gaining access to data has never been simpler. Companies moving to the Cloud record a lower cost of managing and maintaining their Information Technology (IT) systems. Additionally, they enjoy scalability advantages with regards to storage requirements in addition to increased and unlimited mobility, automatic upgrades, and increased security. With such benefits to reap, organizations will continue to be at the forefront of the latest technological developments.

The adoption of Cloud technology continues to rise at a rapid rate. It is necessary to keep yourself abreast of the latest developments and trends in this field and use this knowledge to fuel digital transformations and modernize IT portfolios.

The following are five major innovative trends in Cloud computing.

1. The higher number of applications will be available on the Cloud

There are numerous benefits to be reaped from making applications available on the Cloud. Not only does it help businesses focus on higher-value activities without the time-drain of system administration, but making applications available on the Cloud also keeps your business more agile and reduces the cost to a great extent. Through economies of scale, Cloud computing providers offer greater scalability at a low cost. To keep up with this new trend, you may begin with a low-risk and low-value app, with minimal customer data, until you get a grasp on how the Cloud operates. After this, you may opt for an upgrade.

2. No more traditional infrastructure

Due to the evolving characteristics of the Cloud, it will soon be difficult for businesses to draw a map of their infrastructure. Software and hardware will be completely separated because companies are now finding invaluable applications available online. This means that companies may run applications over the Internet instead of running them on their servers, thereby eliminating any requirement to purchase new servers. As an alternative, businesses may shift to modular software, wherein components may be modified without shutting down the complete program. This is highly beneficial in case the applications are large and more complex.

3. Human Resources and marketing will control tech innovation

The world of technology will soon be controlled by human resources and marketing. Organizations are beginning to appreciate the benefits of using big-data applications via the Cloud, in addition to realizing that human resources and marketing teams can also now put it to work for their respective departments.  This replaces slower, time-consuming, outdated processes.

4. The software will take inspiration from social media

It is expected that software will very soon begin to acquire the traits that are generally associated with social media websites and applications. As a result, developers need no longer worry about providing costly infrastructures such as servers or storage facilities. The software will be managed as per requirement, and not the other way round.

5. The software will part from the hardware

The future of the Cloud is here and expanding. It is expected that software will part from hardware simply because it will need to go through numerous filters before finally interacting with hardware. Therefore, apps built on top of a platform-as-a-service, or front-end apps, will be devoid of hardware interaction.

The upcoming trends in the Cloud-computing arena are indeed shaping the future of the business world. It thus behooves companies to consider moving their IT operations to the Cloud, and enjoy the numerous benefits it has to offer.


To be on top of the game, organizations are quickly adopting Cloud computing strategies and are using them to lower costs, enjoy higher scalability, and increased security, besides other advantages. Some of the upcoming trends include higher availability of applications on the Cloud, software soon parting with hardware, software taking inspiration from social media, human resources and marketing taking charge of technological innovation, and no more traditional and unnecessary infrastructure.

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