With over 7 million digital advertisers, Facebook Ads is clearly the most preferred platform for online advertisers around the globe. The 2019 Social Media Marketing report concludes the Facebook is the preferred ad channel for around 72% of the B2C companies and 43% of the B2B companies. What’s even more impressive is that Facebook earns 40% of the global digital advertising revenue, followed by Google at 12%.

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Apart from providing a suitable platform for digital advertisers, Facebook ads also generate data-driven insights that are enabling companies to come up with the right marketing strategy and plans. By combining Facebook ads insights and analytics, online advertising companies can track the performance of their online ads with the right KPIs and metrics.

Wish to capture every user interaction (clicks, page scrolls, and more) on Facebook and then analyse each of these interactions? Heap Analytics is the right analytics tool that can automatically capture every user action without writing any manual code.

How does Heap Analytics work for Facebook Ads? And how can you integrate Facebook Ads to Heap Analytics? Let’s discuss these and more in the following sections.

What is Facebook Ad Insights?

Be it a single online ad or a complete advertising campaign, Facebook ad insights are an effective mode of tracking the cost-per-click (or CPC), conversions, and other metrics. In short, Facebook Ad insights can help you determine how your Facebook ads are generating business and revenues for your company.

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Here are some of the common Facebook ad metrics and APIs that help you measure your overall ad performance:

  • Ad Insights API that provides a single user interface for measuring ads, ad sets, and ad campaigns.
  • Offline Conversions API that tracks offline customer conversions or the number of Facebook users who viewed or clicked Facebook ads before conversion.
  • Tracking Specs that track specific user actions for selected ads.
  • Lift Study that measures the efficiency of any Facebook Ad.
  • Facebook Pixel that tracks user actions on your website driven by the Facebook Ad.

In the following section, we shall learn about the role of Heap Analytics for marketing.

Countants' Marketing Performance Dashboard

What is Heap Analytics and how it enables marketing?

As a web analytics tool, Heap Analytics empowers digital marketers to gain access and analyze their data without the need for any underlying analysis code. With these data insights, the Heap Analytics tool helps marketers gain a deeper understanding of conversions, attribution, and segmentation. 

Here are some of the ways in which Heap analytics can be beneficial in digital marketing:

  • Improve conversions by monitoring the marketing initiatives that are driving the most conversions and yielding the best ROI. With the availability of multiple Heap session properties, marketers can track the marketing funnels that are driving the most conversions.
  • Understand customer attribution by automatically tracking the source of incoming traffic. With its attribution channels, Heap analytics can help in generating sales leads, demand, and in identifying the right leads for sales.
  • Segment the users based on their demographic data and online behavior. Heap analytics data can be used to differentiate between active and idle users and define segments based on user-specific properties.

Next, we shall discuss the analysis of Facebook ads using Heap analytics and how to integrate both components.

How Heap Analytics Helps in Analysing Facebook Ad Insights

How is Facebook analytics powered by Heap Analytics? This can be done in multiple ways. For example, consider an analytics infrastructure that is built on Heap SQL and Redshift. With this infrastructure in place, data analysts can combine and analyze data from diverse sources including the Heap system and Facebook ads. The Heap-powered data can provide a clear context for customer behavior and their preferences.

How does heap analytics helps in analysing facebook ad insights

Another example is that of a Facebook Ads and Heap Analytics dashboard. As a business analyst, you can create definitions using the Heap tool and then backfill the historical data into a data warehouse.

How does the Heap tool enable immediate retroactive analysis of any user actions on Facebook? Here are some key points:

  • Eliminates any data bottleneck and generates valuable insights for marketing and product teams.
  • Captures user interactions automatically thus providing detailed clarity to user behavior.
  • Focuses on the right data that is key to accurate data analysis.
  • Informs businesses on whether the market is ready for their product/service even before manufacturing or design.

How to Integrate Facebook Ads to Heap Analytics

As a developer, you can use the Heap Analytics API to integrate Facebook Ads to Heap Analytics. Heap Analytics API is the easiest mode of integrating Heap Analytics with any other application.

This server-side API method allows you to complete tasks including:

  • Sending any backend data into Heap.
  • Returning data
  • Managing any account-related information
  • Executing any data reports.

Depending on your functionality, you can configure the Heap Analytics API with the following styles:

  • REST (short for RESTful API): used as server-side REST API
  • RPC (or Remote Procedure Call): used for web services APIs involving GraphQL, SOAP, or XML-RPC.
  • Streaming: used in scenarios of data streaming in single (or both) directions using WebSockets, webhooks, GraphQL, or gRPC.
  • Browser/ Native: used primarily for local accessibility, runtime access, or operating system-related APIs. Example, a JavaScript API on a web browser or a device like an accelerometer on a smartphone.
  • Indirect: used when the API is only indirectly accessible using an SDK. For example, the Evernote API is based on Apache Thrift.
  • Email/ Messaging/ FTP: used when functions like FTP, email, and other messaging apps are used to emulate the functions of an API. Some examples of this type of implementations include file transfer of data batches using SMTP-based internet mail or through FTP.
  • Feed: similar to Streaming, this is used during periodic polling of updates by API users that requires a standard address (or URI). Feed does not mandate any authentication process and uses standard feed protocols such as RSS or Atom.

Business Benefits of Integrating Heap Analytics with Facebook Ads

By integrating Facebook Ads to Heap Analytics, you can derive many business benefits from this analytical data. This includes the following three:

Robust analytics from the Facebook platform

The Heap analytics tool provides accurate reports and analytics with regards to the performance of digital ads on the Facebook platform. As business analytics, you no longer have to make guesses about any ad or campaign performance. Through key Facebook metrics like weekly reach, page likes, followers, and liked posts, you can build an effective decision-making strategy. 

Additionally, you can derive business insights from user actions like clicks, likes, and even conversions.

Create customized and targeted ads.

Through accurate analytics, advertisers can create customized ads that target a particular user category or demography in order to garner the best responses. Facebook ads can be customized to cater to business objectives that could revolve around user engagement, website visits, or page likes.

Target your exact customer base.

Want to target your ads to an exact customer base? Then data analytics is what you need. With Heap analytics, you can cater your ads to the preferred user base on the basis of common interests, demographics, online behaviour, and even the age group.

This way, analytics enables you to filter down your target audience and eliminate users who are not likely to convert. 


With Facebook being among the strongest repositories of social media marketing, Facebook Ads are the best medium of reaching out to your target audience base. Through effective analytics, you can easily integrate your Facebook Ads to Heap Analytics and analyze each and every user interaction automatically.

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