Cross-platform or inter-platform conversations are highly crucial when it comes to building a brand. You need to embrace innovative technologies that bridge the gap between human-computer interactions. It is right here that Google comes up with Dialogflow, which happens to be an end-to-end platform that helps in the creation of cross-platform experiences. If you are working with Chatbots, you can leverage Dialogflow and gain crystal clear insights into bot performance and operations.

Role in the analytics application

Dialogflow, formerly known API. AI plays a significant role in developing high-performance analytics applications. You can leverage its powerful libraries and create world-class bots. Along with an automated set of basic Chatbase analytics, using DialogFlow becomes easier than ever! That’s not all; the Chatbase application lets you gain access to analytics graphs and data.

If you wish to build and develop intent-Based Conversations with the bots, dialogflow will prove to be the best partner. You have to follow the right steps that tell you how Dialogflow can make things work for your business:

Setting an intent

When you are creating a bot, you will surely want your target customers to experience optimum convenience while speaking to it. If the bot fails to reply or revert to the queries, there’s no use of building them. It’s here that you need to set an intent. The bot will know about the context and situation of speech.

Setting user ID :

When you set a User ID, you ensure personalized conversations and interactions with the target customer. That’s a great way to delve deep into their preferences and choices.

Setting the type :

Make sure you set the type properly. Apart from intents and entities, the type parameter is also important. The most crucial function is to understand its interactions with users.

Identifying the important factors seem to be of paramount importance. You can take a look at the following aspects to get an idea of the implementation procedure.

  • Generate API Keys: You will have to set up and generate an API key to create a chatbot app. Know the unique identifier and then perform the bot creation process.
  • Send messages to users: Send messages to users and check whether the conversations are taking place smoothly. Developing human–computer interactions based on natural language conversations becomes easier when you send messages to users.
  • Sending bot’s reply: The entire conversation is bidirectional. Quite naturally, the bot has to respond to the user and reply to the queries. Send the bot’s to reply such as which topic you wish to talk about. The entire conversation and human-machine interactions will be a part of the systematic loop.
  • Sending a not-handled message: At times, chatbots aren’t successful in understanding the user’s intent. You can send a not_handled message and check it yourself.
  • Send the same message to your bot: Let the bot know the issue. Chatbots form an integral part of machine learning and contribute to the creation of flow-Based Conversations.

Signing off

If you wish to create unmatched experiences for customers across the globe, bots will give you the best chance to do so with Chatbase and Dialogflow