Data preparation, collection, management, analytics, and storage happen to be the five most crucial aspects of building enterprise data. You need the right technical aid that can help you walk through the entire data preparation process. Google introduces Cloud Dataprep, a fully-managed, dynamic, and intuitive data preparation service. If you wish to know its operations and functions, here’s a comprehensive introduction to Dataprep.

How Dataprep helps?

Apart from creating and preparing multiple data sets, enriching them is also crucial. With DataPrep, you will get the perfect chance to do so. Integrated and powered by Google’s Cloud Platform, this particular application helps in transforming, cleansing, and enhancing crucial data sets. Here are some of the benefits offered by DataPrep :

  • Profiling and cleaning huge data sets
  • Cleaning multiple data sets
  • Combining data sets
  • Performing computing operations with DataPrep

Knowing the benefits

Before incorporating Dataprep in the existing business infrastructure, it will be imperative to know the functions. You should have an idea of how the application works and what are the features.

Key Cloud Dataprep features

Dataprep happens to be a scalable, intuitive, dynamic, and approachable data preparation tool that ensures optimum data performance. The security, scalability, and intuitive nature of this tool makes it the perfect aid for unstructured data analysis. If you are planning to lay the foundation for a serverless future, Dataprep will emerge as the right option. Here are some of the unique and powerful features of the application :

  • Intelligent data service: Data collection and preparation is of paramount significance. As a fully managed, integrated, and smart data service tool, Dataprep makes that happen.
  • Building data flows in the Cloud: Connecting your enterprise data to the cloud is of paramount significance. If you wish to develop a strong, effective, and dynamic data set, Dataprep will emerge as the perfect tool.
  • Enriching multiple data sets: Clean and enrich multiple data sets at a given point in time. You can also send unstructured data for targeted and precise analysis.
  • Fast and effective data preparation: Prepare the data sets seamlessly and ensure seamless integration of structured data into existing business infrastructure. Dataprep will surely make that happen.
  • Intelligent data cleansing: Are you planning to refine and cleanse the existing data? Well, DataPrep will be the perfect partner in this regard.
  • Data prediction: Study data sets, analyze trends, and gain powerful insights into the existing data structure. Dataprep will help you make positive predictions about the existing data.
  • Supports multiple data sources: Your data can belong to any source. DataPrep supports common data sources and that too of diverse sizes. It’s seriously powerful and can ensure effective analysis.

Sign in your Google account

If you wish to make the most of DataPrep, it will be crucial to open a Google account. Once you have a Dataprep account, you can sign in by entering the correct username and password. Data wrangling will begin after you create a flow. While doing so, you must visualize the interconnections between related data sets.

DataPrep ensures effective data cleansing and intelligent data exploration. If you wish to take your enterprise towards a serverless future, this analytics tool will emerge as the perfect aid!

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