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What Countants Does?

What We Do?

We provide scalable customized cloud-based solutions that help you to make informed business decisions.

Get The Data You Need

  • We provide the highest accuracy in the reliability of the provided business solutions.

  • We invest our skills and expertise in cultivating high-quality solutions.


Our services are carefully customized as per customer’s needs. We understand the need of the business and carefully develop an intelligent product that is interactive, rich in functionality, and enables you to achieve maximum ROI.

Interactive User

User interface that enables you understand data easily, drill down, and lets you dig deeper to find insights.

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Intelligent Data

Data analytics tools that provide intelligent analysis of data and help you uncover important details.

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Artificial Intelligence

Business intelligence software that understand data, provide intelligent data-driven insights, and help you extract important information.

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Dashboard And Reporting

Countants provides dashboard and reporting that provides you information in time for faster decision making.

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Countants use state-of-the-art technology to produce intelligent and powerful softwares that help companies turn data into profit.

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Real-Time Data

Countant develops products that consistently provides real-time information that helps in critical decision making.

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What We Offer?

We use cloud visualization, cloud engineering, cloud analytics, machine learning to offer you intelligent and powerful cloud-based solutions that would solve business problems.

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Display Interactive Data

Our cloud visualization services offer dashboard that are visually interactive, easy to interpret, and enables faster decision making.

  • Make informed decisions with real-time interactive data

  • Utilize the best of technology to scale up your business

Display Interactive Data

Adopt Modern Data Architecture

Our data engineers develop applications that are according to the requirements of clients, are secure, and interactive.

  • Organize data with high performance storage system

  • Stay updated with the latest data for an efficient workflow

Adopt Modern Data Architecture

Get Closer View Of Data

Our cloud analytics solutions analyses raw data that enables you dig deeper into the insights and find meaningful data to make better decisions.

  • Drill down data patterns to make data-driven decisions

  • Make the raw data more accessible and perceivable

Get Closer View Of Data

Make Your Machines Smarter

Get the best of Machine Learning algorithm to automate your business operations in order to reduce errors and increase efficiency.

  • Focus your operational efforts in the right direction

  • Accelerate process execution time for efficient workflow

Make Your Machines Smarter

Leverage Scalable Cloud-Based Custom Solutions

Our team is dedicated to create a smooth workflow for your business, so that you can deal with complex data with ease and less time.

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